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Women's Stories celebrates individual and important life journeys of women.

Watch the stories?

Women’s Stories starts with fast-draw video shorts

These videos celebrate women scientists and engineers, some historical, some current.

These initial videos are intended to provide the seed to grow a larger community that seeks to

  • Inspire girls to create their own life stories;
  • Encourage young women to persevere with their stories; and
  • Celebrate women’s accomplishments.
  • Grace Hopper

    Computer programming pioneer

    Maria Mitchell

    Comet discovered and first professor at Vassar College.

    Melissa Dykhuis

    Planetary Science graduate student and astronomy educator

    Tiffany Hawley

    Astronomy major in college

    These stories are for everybody


    When a girl

    views these videos, we hope she’ll see all the glorious variety of lives that women lead, their challenges and triumphs, their joys and disappointments and that these lives will inspire her to launch the life story she desires.


    When a young woman

    views these videos, we hope she’ll see that other women face challenges and adapt to achieve their goals and that these lives will encourage her to work out the path to her dreams.


    When everyone

    views these videos, we hope they’ll wonder in amazement at the persistence, growth, and accomplishments – large and small, public and personal – that form the journeys women take through life. And we hope that all who view these videos will be informed and entertained!

    Make your own

    Women’s Stories will grow as a collaborative community effort in which people around the world produce short vignettes about women’s lives and careers to share on our YouTube channel. We invite girls and women to share short videos about their story or stories of women they admire. If you would like to learn more about video tips or providing videos to Women’s Stories, email us at



    Write it down!

    Don't do video production? No problem! Write your story down. Add some sketches. Don't add some sketches - it is your story. Whether you type it or write it by hand, be sure to share it with us!


    Try your own video

    Whether you have made full-length features, or have just started learning video production - tell your story the best you can. We would love to include it here. Ask for our suggestions and guidelines.


    Learn more about collaborating

    We are all ears! Write in with your ideas and we'll help you tell your story.

    We can't promise your story will be showcased; however, we intend to include stories either on our website or on social media.

    Donate to Women's Stories

    Although change is occurring, most of what’s written, told, or shown remains men’s stories, we want to highlight women, we want women to share their stories. We want these stories to encourage girls and women (and boys and men!) everywhere and in many fields to join in and expand the resources about women. Simple stories like these can make a young woman consider her own path in a new light. Simple stories like these can contribute to inspiring girls and women in STEM careers. Simple stories like these may one day end the statement: “I didn’t know women were engineers/scientists…..” Become a member today to support and join in the creation of these stories. With this funding, Women’s Stories can fund production of more videos. There are so many stories to tell, help tell them.

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    About Women's Stories

    Womens’ Stories is a project housed by the non profit Sonora Environmental Research Institute, Inc. (SERI), a 501 (c) (3) corporation, which pursues environmental research and education in the southwest United States. SERI supports the Women’s Stories project as a founding member as part of its commitment to environmental education.

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